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MLB: 1976 World Series (1976)

MLB: 1976 World Series (1976)

Runtime 30 min.
Genre Sports & Recreation Sports
User Rating 6 / 10
Production Company Major League Baseball Productions
Countries USA
MLB: 1976 World Series (1976) Description
The New York Yankees and the Cincinnati Reds really gave their fans a series to remember after playing these games during this country's bicentennial year. Newly refurbished Yankee Stadium played host to such great players during this series as Cincinnati's Joe Morgan and Johnny Bench (both Hall of Famers), Pete Rose, Dave Concepcion, and Ken Griffey. The Yankees were eager to challenge these men with such players as Thurman Munson, Dock Ellis, and Willie Randolph. Billy Martin was on hand as the Yankee's outspoken manager, constantly trying to motivate his team to play their best. In the end, the Reds triumphed, though the Yankees made it clear that they would always be a strong force to be reckoned with.